Current Members


Nisa Mammon, Managing Director and Principal Planner
B.Soc.Sc (Hons), MCRP (UCT), PhD (UCT), Pr.Pln
26 years of town and regional planning experience

Jacqueline Perrin, Director and Principal Architect
BAS, BArch (UCT), PrArch
30 years of architectural and design experience

Jody Paterson, Director and Principal Urban Designer
BAS, BArch (UCT), MCPUD (UCT), PrArch, Pr.Pln 
16 years of architectural and urban design experience

Shahiem Dalvie, Director and Technical Planner
BSC (UCT), ND Town & Regional Planning (Cape Technikon)
16 years of experience

Sandra van der Merwe, Director and Architect
BAS, BArch (UCT), PrArch
15 years of experience


Professional/Technical Staff

Tasyam Govender, Professional Planner
4 years of experience

Andri van der Merwe, Candidate Planner & Assistant Urban Designer
B. Comm (Hons) (US), MCRP (UCT)
1 year of experience

Rupert Jordi, Candidate Architect
BAS (Hons), MArch (UCT)
1 year of experience


Administrative Support Staff

Donna Wiese, Administrative Assistant                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               8 years of experience




Approach to Empowerment

NM & Associates Planners and Designers are:

  • 100% female owned
  • 70% black owned
  • 60% female staffed
  • 60% black staffed

The company offers the following to address the imbalances of the past South Africa.

  • Assistance and mentorship to Black planning and design students studying at Cape Peninsula University of Technology and the University of Cape Town
  • Development and project management advice to emerging consultants entering the development market for the first time
  • Development facilitation to deprived communties at low cost
  • Planning advice to persons developing centres for healing women, men and children and the disabled
  • Bursaries to Black students
  • In-service training to Black students
  • Career advancement sponsorship to Black staff
  • Organization development processes that would advance, empower and provide confidence to persons put down in the past
  • Community development assistance to deprived communities, organizations and persons promoting holism in society
  • The company engages and encourages relationships with companies and individuals that have a changing consciousness and do not only pay lip service to change
  • NM & Associates do not knowingly associate with companies and/or individuals who do not subscribe to the ethics of honesty, integrity, equality and transparency whether these are persons of colour or not
  • The company is willing to associate with White persons and/or companies who subscribe to the same ethics and principles.