Vulamasango Proposed Youth & Child Care Facility: Rezoning and Site Development Plan

Vulamasango Proposed Youth & Child Care Facility: Rezoning and Site Development Plan



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The Project Challenge

Vulamasango, a Cape Town based Non Profit Organisation (NPO), appointed NM & Associates to prepare an application for rezoning, consent use and associated applications for the project to enable the site to accommodate a proposed orphanage for AIDS-related orphans and abandoned children while simultaneously facilitating rehabilitation of the site’s horticultural function.  The process required a Site Development Plan, which entailed the development of an approach towards proposed building footprints, landscaping, access and long term servicing of the site.

The site, Remainder of the Farm 789 Frylincks Poort, is located along Weltevreden Road, Philippi, and forms part of the Philippi Horticultural Area.

The proposed development comprises three components, namely:

  • A productive agricultural component, including a tree/plant nursery;
  • A residential component to house orphans and vulnerable children; and
  • An administration component including administrative and support buildings for both the nursery and orphanage.

Principles & Approach

The apportioning of activities across the site intends to give increasing levels of privacy towards the south west edge of the site, where the proposed residential component or orphanage is to be located. The orientation and grouping of units are considered in order to optimise sheltered shared spaces and sustainable service/infrastructure options. The proposed administrative component is located in the middle of the site, where the intention is to develop a ‘werf’ with the existing hall at it’s centre and new proposed administrative buildings forming the edges of the ‘werf’.

The remainder of the site is to be rehabilitated to become productive agriculturally once again, including areas for the tree and/or plant nurseries.

The proposed development aims to provide sustainable services alternatives to minimize its reliance on municipal infrastructure, and thus developed strategies to include the upgrade of existing service systems and the implementation of sustainable service options over time.

The landscaping proposals to improve the quality of the site, includes the introduction of a system of treed wind breaks, the reshaping of an existing hill/berm of excavated material to form a windbreak and seating area, and the reshaping/ rehabilitation of the pond areas to become landscaped, recreational and/or productive areas.


The proposed buildings are intended to accommodate the following:

  1. An Administration Precinct (approximately 3240m²) which will act as the administrative heart of all the site activities and provide a public interface to the orphanage and agricultural activities. The precinct includes the existing hall, proposed admin offices, first aid offices and volunteers’ building.
  2. The Junior Precinct (approximately 980m²) which includes 3 houses for babies/toddlers and a living/recreational building to be shared by the orphanage.
  3. The Family Clusters Precinct (approximately 2370m²) consisting of 9 typical family houses, in which older children of varying ages live with their house parents.